Statut de l'espèce :  breeding and wintering


Release of a red kite in Corsica

The press and the public were present to witness the release of this red kite in Corsica.
Find the press release here (in French).
Source : Mission Rapaces


While the red kite experiences an extremely worrying population decline in metropolitan France, Corsica seems spared. The island is hosting a sedentary population of red kites, which appears to be increasing. Since 2006, the Association of the Friends of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica has been conducting a monitoring programme of the population of red kites.

Census and monitoring :
- monitoring of the breeding population
- monitoring of the wintering roosts
- participation (since 2010) in the wing- tagging programme

Conservation :
- participation in the programme of reintroduction of the red kite in Tuscany (samples of young kites in nests in Corsica)

Awareness :
- awareness of target audiences
- press


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  • PNR de Corse, Jean-François Seguin (