Statut de l'espèce :  breeding and wintering




25 Red Kites have been found dead in Franche-Comté since early 2011. In Franche-Comté, where the population of Red Kites is still consequent, 2 birds have already been the victims of poisoning. One of them was the male adult of a breeding pair which had been monitored for several years, and whose young were marked in 2007 and have been monitored since then. They both died of poisoning from ingesting toxic compounds yet forbidden to use. These deliberate acts of poisoning are illegal, and threaten the future of this endangerd species.

More details on this webpage : Poisonings of Red Kites in Franche-Comté (in French)

Published on 26 September 2011


The wanderings of Melina in Franche-Comté

Melina, a young Red Kite born in 2011 in Switzerland (Aargau) has begun migrating. Arrived in France on September 9th, he has since then been travelling over the two départements of Doubs and Jura in Franche-Comté. On September 10th, he visited Mouchard, Salins-les-Bains and Cernans. The next day he went on a trip to Arc-sous-Montenot and to Gevresin. On 12th, he flew to Bolandoz and afterwards again to Cernans. On the 15th & 16th he was staying close to Poligny, and south of Salins-les-Bains.
To be continued !
More details on the Musée d'histoire naturelle de Fribourg webpage :

Source : Adrian Aebischer & André C. Fasel

Published on 19 September 2011



Since 2006, the LPO Franche-Comté has carried out actions on behalf of the Red Kite as a regional version of the national action plan.

Census and monitoring: 

- monitoring of the breeding population (in sample areas)
- monitoring of the wintering population
- contribution to the wing tagging programme
- monitoring of the post-nuptial migration


- implementation and monitoring of feeding stations
- preservation of nests and nesting sites
- designation of SPAs (Special Protection Area) in favour of the Red Kite  


- communication actions (press...)
- lectures to the general public


  • LPO Franche-Comté, Jean-Philippe Paul,