How and where can I help?



Because protecting red kites requires a great deal of care and attention, try to:

  • preserve natural meadows,
  • limit pesticide use as much as possible,
  • use trapping and preventative measures instead of anticoagulants,
  • not cut hedges,
  • cut crops later on in the year,
  • not shoot at birds of prey (they are protected),
  • encourage your friends and neighbours to learn more…

Or, if you see a red kite, find an injured or dead bird or want to discuss what can be done to help red kites with others, you can also contact the relevant organisation from your local area, department or region (see map of France).

In France

Status : breeding, wintering and migrating
Conservation status : vulnerable

Technical coordination of the French Action Plan

Contact : LPO Mission Rapaces, Fabienne David,
Website :

Administrative coordination of the French Action Plan

Contact : DREAL Champagne-Ardenne
Website :

 In Europe

Species status : breeding, wintering and migratory
Conservation status : Near Threatened (IUCN Red List, 2008)

Contact : BirdLife International
Website :